1. You must be my soul sister! I often joke that the only domestic thing about me is that I live indoors. As as far as sending out Christmas cards – I have a friend that every year loves to tell everybody and their dog about that one time I sent out my Christmas cards in February 20 some odd years ago! Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone in this!

    1. Hi Mary! The year my folks died, 2007, I sent out New Years/Valentines Day cards. Like you say, at least most years I send something out. I know my friends just can’t wait to have another picture of me and my family… Thanks for writing and “sisters” it is!

  2. The whole time I’m reading this I am nodding my head! I am responsible for the Christmas gathering for my side of the family and I always have this beautiful picture in mind. Wonderful table settings, delicious food, great times. I’m lucky if I have enough forks, I usually burn something or there’s the time I forgot to turn the turkey on, and one brother has another in a headlock because…well because they are brothers and can’t stand each other for more than 10 minutes! Great times!!! Come on January.

  3. Hilarious. I agree w Dr. Laura with this one thing. We all ought to be able to get along for at least two hours. Your brothers can’t last more than 15 minutes??? :). Maybe the raw turkey had something to do with it! Thanks so much!!

  4. And have you ever noticed that when you do break down and buy 10 Christmas plates you end up having 20 people for dinner? It just never works out.

  5. This made me laugh out loud! As a young mother it all seemed so easy to recreate the holidays of my childhood. Little did I realize that my my time and energy were very different from my mother’s or that my husband’s family traditions would have to be considered and somehow integrated which meant some those traditions would change or at least morph into a tradition for my little family. As for Christmas cards, I usually just opt for “Happy New Year” cards if any go out at all.

  6. Very funny! I do have a big platter with a turkey on it which comes out to be used on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Does that count? I usually send my annual dilatory New Year’s, MLK, and perhaps Valentine’s Day Letter (depending on the mailing ;^) when my cat does her kitty mind-meld and writes it for me. Oh, and I am probably the only woman you know who calls her daughter for advice on cooking. Cheers and courage because January will come!

  7. Ha ha I love this! I quit trying to have the perfect Christmas years ago and have never looked back. I never had any fancy Christmas plates, but I used to do pretty much everything else.

  8. I first read this over @ the Huffington Post, and wow, what a difference in comments there were over there! Dang! Lighten up, folks! I mean, I suffer from debilitating depression, and this article made me laugh out loud! Yes, well, you’ll recognize my comments over at the Huff site by my snarky tone & odd profile photo. As I mentioned over there, you left out “Letting Pets Take Part In The Festivities,” which was always a disaster @ my house. Putting those fake antlers on our Lab turned him into an instant Pit Bull as he ripped ’em apart after about 15 seconds. And I’ve not been able to have a Christmas tree for about 10 years since acquiring my “tabby Mafia,” whom I lovingly call “da thugz.” Thanks for writing this much-needed comic relief, and have a Merry Christmas. Oh, and if you’d like a cat, I’m always willing to reduce inventory. Just let me know!

    1. Thanks so much NH03052. I am so glad I made you laugh! I laugh at myself all the time. I am traveling at the moment and haven’t been back on HuffPo since early this afternoon so I haven’t seen your comment quite yet. But it sounds like I will appreciate it! I also hear about your depression and very much regret hearing that. I appreciate your comment more than you know. And good luck with that depression.

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