1. The ‘Aha’ moment.
    When I realize the relationship isn’t on an even keel.
    Whether it’s me seeking the ‘reward’ of knowing best and revealing the secret to happiness, or the realization that I’m the ‘slow-cooked frog’ of a soul-sucking narcissist, I am the WORST at needing/being needed too much in the ‘therapy friend’ scenario.
    Thank YOU 🙂 for bringing this up. I will use it when I decide it’s time to be ‘approachable’ again.
    I’m at the stage of ‘No new people.’ I am comfortable with the friends and relatives I have now.
    It’s just easier.
    I don’t think it’s bad… or good. Just my time to regroup and prioritize and be a better survivor.

      1. It’s one of my favorite analogies/metaphors… I have applied it to many ‘Aha’ moments 🙂
        Do you know if I stole it from an economist or a sociologist?

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