Five Steps To Avoid The Anxiety Of Comparing Yourself To Others


  1. Thank you for sharing these stories. For many years, I compared myself to others. ‘She’s prettier, taller, has a nicer smile, probably makes more money. Look at all those gorgeous family photos she’s posting on Facebook.’ etc. etc. etc. It’s not that I don’t any more, but it’s to a much lesser degree. I finally got to the point where I just had to say, “I just don’t give a cr_p what other people think.” And? Truth be known, this is why I avoid most women’s business networking groups. They’re supposed to be for support, but most of the time, at least the ones I’ve experienced, turn into nothing but a competition. Who has the most expensive purse, shoes, clients, etc. etc. I just can’t go there any more. AND, I’m perfectly at peace with that.

    1. Your comment about Facebook is so in target. I’ve had people telling me that they have to stop getting on social media for just that reason. Thanks for your comment. Your points make a lot of sense, although sad perhaps to realize.

  2. The best quote related to this is “Comparison Is the Thief of Joy” – I truly believe that to be true. It took me years to get that into my noggin. I now know not everything I see tells the whole story…how much time I wasted on comparing myself to others…better late then never!

  3. The other day a woman in a group I meet with told me to “be someone else” what she meant by that was to find someone I truly admired and think about what they would do when my fears erupted. The people in this group need me to help and do not need my fears to show their fuzzy faces. Since i don’t have anyone that fits that, I am creating her. Little by little pieces of my grandmother, mother, daughters, friends, and a couple of cranky aunts will be a part of my mosaic. Which I believe fits in with #2 Thanks Miz Margaret!!

  4. I have owned a restaurant for 24 years and have tried many times to reach out and make friends with different customers to no avail.I stopped and just raised my children; Now a empty Nester I have few to no friends.
    I wish I had read this years ago….

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