1. Trying to still figure out how to do this. My daughter walked out of my life 3 yrs ago, is getting married in a couple month. I’m not invited, nor her only sister, or my mother or limited family I still have left on my side. Still trying to understand, I was the stay at home mom, involved in girl scouts and baked the cupcakes for school. Always was there and thought I was a good mom. I divorced my daughters dad and while it took time we all seemed to move on and were doing fine, or so I thought. Then bam out of nowhere she walks out, no communication, no call, no text, no letters, nothing, been trying for 3 years to show I’m still here and still love her. From what I have been told I’m now a toxic, narcissistic parent. I was shocked by this, she had no problem with the vacations I took her on, or any of the other things we did together. At first the hurt was so hard, crying, pain, loss, then I went through angry phase, now I’m just starting to get numb. My wedding gift I sent was just returned with no explanation. Loving a child for their whole life and just one day they are gone from your life is one of the hardest things I’ve had to get through. Friends haven’t really helped as none of mine have gone through this with their kids. So no one to really talk to. I hope she comes back someday, I miss her, always. Thanks for the article.

    1. You’re welcome Kimberly. I can certainly hear the pain in your writing. Maybe she would be willing to see a therapist with you, where both of you could try to understand each other’s perspective. But since there’s been absolutely no contact, there’s not too much hope there. It sounds as if she’s treating others the same way, and withdrawal is a very potent kind of control. I will hope that all of you find some peace.

  2. It’s very rare, I think, for this kind of closure to be two-sided. I actually have a blog post coming on how I got closure in that situation, so I was interested in your take on it.

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