1. Thanks for this, Margaret. I am reading every post on fear. Instead of making resolutions for 2015, I choose one word…COURAGE. So far, I have taken several steps outside of my comfort zone and it has been wonderful. I want to keep this going and at my forefront to face anything life might deliver.

    1. Good for you Pam. It does feel good to do things that are not in your automatic repertoire – find out you can do things you never imagined! Good luck to you! And my gratitude to you for reading and commenting.

  2. I like this! Fear can be contagious, irrational and immobilizing. Years ago I heard a slogan, you can only control the controllables.

  3. What a great post, Margaret. I like that you spotlighted the different kinds of fears that hold one back. It seems to me we all wrestle with fears at one point or another in our lives, finding tools to see them for what they are is so useful.

    1. Thank you Elin. I don’t know if my practice has changed or if anxiety is becoming more rampant, but I am certainly treating it more and more. In all its forms. I hope that some of the reason is because people feel more free to talk about it. That would be fantastic. Thanks so much for commenting.

  4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s taken 55 years but only now am I realizing (with the help of therapy) that fear does not have to consume me. I am working toward reducing my “wall” one brick at a time and the world out there is actually more beautiful than I had imagined.

    1. What a lovely and meaningful response. I have had the honor of watching people rebuild that wall Karen and have great respect for those that do. Please know you are not alone. Thank you for letting me know.

  5. There is nothing here that tells one HOW to unlock the grip… as the title suggests. You’ve just listed them in terms of present, past and future, which has to do with time frames rather than types of conditions. And just to add, that one can have problems related to past, present and future all at once – past abuse, present abuse, and future fears of not having a life without any more abuse or fears to live with constantly. Seems the title was quite misleading.

    1. Well Robin this time I am not sure I quite agree with you. I have to say that in a 800 word blog post I rarely think that I am going to outline precise ways for people to heal from anything. My goal is to suggest. To offer direction. And I think I did that. But you are more than welcome to your opinion and i welcome it. Thank you very much for writing.

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