What risks do you run when you follow a quest for popularity or even celebrity? Envy is right at the top of the list, and today I’ll offer 8 different signs that your need for external validation is running too high, and 6 more that reflect that envy has taken hold of your mind and heart. Envy is defined as believing yourself to be worthy of what you perceive others getting and your behavior then can become governed by that poisonous belief. We’ll talk about the need for all of us to have a balance between what validation we receive externally with what we’re able to give ourselves internally – and when those are out of balance, what you can do about it!

Then the third thing we’ll focus on is celebrity. Does being well known have a downside? Here’s what Tim Ferriss, whose podcast has been downloaded 700 M times, has to say about the fame he’s achieved, like it or not.  “If you suddenly had 100,000 or 1,000,000 or 10,000,000 more followers, what might happen? I thought I knew, and I was naive”.

The listener voicemail this week is from a man whose brother is depressed but will do nothing about it. You can hear his concern and sense of helplessness in his voicemail – and I’ll do my best to try to offer some ideas.

So today in this episode sponsored by the #1 online therapy provider, BetterHelp, we’re talking about the quest to be known – to be recognized by many – how you can know that you’ve become envious – the difference between internal and external validation (and how a balance of both is really great) – all of that! And what  megapodcaster Tim Ferris might say… welcome to the 288th episode of SW!

Here are the signs of being too needy or dependent on external validation:

  • You scroll through others FB/tiktok/Instagram and compare their feedback to yours.
  • You are almost constantly checking your own numbers or ‘likes’
  • You bring up your own work with others without being asked.
  • You begin to alter your life so that it ‘looks’ better on social media – or if social media isn’t involved, you spend time worrying that your life doesn’t seem “special” enough.
  • The bulk of your time is spent trying to meet or exceed the expectations of others (this is very true in what’s called socially-prescribed perfectionism and is highly destructive.”
  • You discount or deny your fear of disappointing others. Or being seen as having made a mistake.
  • You begin to hide your insecurity by drinking more or using drugs.
  • You’ve had tough – very tough – childhood experiences or traumas that you don’t disclose or you’ve never worked through.

And here’s now it can  move into very ugly envy.

  • You aren’t happy for others when they achieve success.
  • Another person’s success makes you feel unhappy. I’ll take this even farther.
  • You feel the need to diminish someone else’s success. You’ll say something about them that’s harsh or belittling.
  • You judge others negatively.
  • You’re happy when others face setbacks.
  • You surround yourself with other envious people so you get validation.

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