My mom used to write T H I N K on my forehead as a child. Ugh. I hated that! ! But it was definitely her way of trying to teach me self-control, a skill that I didn’t have much of as a child!

Today we’re going to focus on three skills that are considered ego skills or what compose ego strengths. First is self-regulation or how you monitor and cope with your emotions. Second is self-control – how you manage your impulses and reactions. And third is self-motivation – what does it take to give you a sense of proactivity and purpose. SelfWork is almost always about “what you can do about it” and this episode is no different. We’ll define how these three skills interact and how you can build them into your own set of skills – so that they’re available to you when you need them.

So in today’s episode, sponsored by Athletic Greens, you’ll learn that rehearsal is vital – not only to prove to yourself that you can change and grow – but to give your brain a chance to build new neurological circuitry.

The listener voicemail for today features a mom who feels completely disrespected by her now adult children. And asks if I have any advice… What would you say?

Important Links:

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Podcast by Andrew Huberman called The Huberman Lab.

Tony Robbins article on self-motivation

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Photo by Stas Knop.

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