A.A. Milne’s character Winnie the Pooh –  Eeyore – the droopy eyed donkey who Winnie loves, has many famous quotes. But this is one of my favorites, especially when thinking about how to work through disappointment. “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” Disappointment is something we all have to work through. Yet it’s important to know that you can do it – because it’s one of those things that happens to everyone. Something you thought would happen, had counted on and put energy into  – won’t happen. And that hurts.

So in today’s episode, sponsored by BetterHelp, I’ll offer seven steps to do just that. What are they?

  • Grieve first.
  • Start getting perspective right off the bat.
  • Consider and acknowledge what your own part and what you were disappointed in is or was. That’s utilizing your internal locus control.
  • Acknowledge what you couldn’t control, utilizing your external locus control.
  •  Build back your energy, enthusiasm by choosing to do things that will bring you pleasure. And those dopamine receptors will love that.
  •  Look for the windows that are opening as that door closes. Again, you might need friends to do that.
  • Reassess your disappointment. Take time in the next two or three months or even six months to look back and say, “All right, how do I perceive that disappointment now?”

We’ll talk about all of these – so that those weeds do become lovely enough and you can move on.

The listener voicemail is from someone who listened to my YouTube talk about enmeshment – not only has she recognized that she and her mom were highly enmeshed, now she’s obsessed with finding out information about it – and doesn’t know what to do. She has a label but now what? I’ll do my best to give her some ideas.

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