Today’s episode is full of wonderful email questions from four of you and my answers! We’ll cover someone who identifies with perfectly hidden depression and is doing trauma work… but things seem to be getting harder, not easier. Is that normal? A second listener writes in about how difficult it is for her to change habits – and down the rabbit hole she goes, into an emotional space she hates but somehow can’t seem to avoid. So how to stop that?

The third question is from a woman whose mom was narcissistic, and she’s realizing that she was drawn to partners who also had narcissistic traits. Why does this happen? And fourth, a listener’s mom seems to have borderline traits, and doesn’t realize the negative impact of her actions and behaviors on others. So the question is how to go forward setting boundaries – and I have two ideas of how she could proceed.

Lots of great topics! So in this episode, sponsored by Athletic Greens, I’ll offer my ideas to all four listeners – and am so grateful for not only their questions, but I’m happy that all have sought help from therapy.

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My book entitled Perfectly Hidden Depression is available and you can order here! Its message is specifically for those with a struggle with strong perfectionism which acts to mask underlying emotional pain. But the many self-help techniques described can be used by everyone who chooses to begin to address emotions long hidden away that are clouding and sabotaging your current life.

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