Perhaps the most poignant messages I receive are the ones from people who love someone who’s becoming less and less “like’ themselves – and are frightened about what’s going on. This week I heard from a wife whose husband…”has always had an excuse for his extremely busy schedule. Over the past several months he has been acting very differently and has been more open about his unhappiness, and will admit to being depressed. He is also very confused. I came upon your podcast and book as I was searching… We started couples therapy… but he’ll say things like” I don’t think this is what’s really wrong”, or “She’s focusing on why I’m smiling during the session, when really the problem is that I’m unhappy”.

So in today’s SelfWork, sponsored by Athletic Greens, we’ll focus on burnout and its relationship with perfectionism – and how both can lead to true classic depression.

The listener email today is also someone asking about PHD – but this time, about her own potential for it as someone with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). She’d worked through her pandemic anxiety with therapy and medications, but now, off medications, this listener is experiencing new feelings of anger and irritability. What could be happening?

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