Perhaps one of the most complex concepts in mental health is the concept of choice. More specifically, there’s a huge and dramatic debate over the idea that someone “chooses” depression or anxiety. I myself have panic disorder as many of you know and it riles me up a bit to hear from someone that I chose at one point in my life to shake and sweat, for my heart to race as if I’m facing a monster – when it was simply my turn to introduce myself at a meeting. So on today’s SelfWork, sponsored by Athletic Greens, we’re going to try to have a reasonable look at choice – choice theory, positive psychology and just how far you should go with the concept of choice in mental health issues and especially, trauma.

The listener email today is from a woman who says that she’s dissociated often since childhood and the habit or the tendency is now getting in her way of staying in the present especially when she’s with family.  And she picks her nails when she dissociates so that maybe there’s a clue there!

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APA’s article on Choice Theory

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Carol Kauffman’s article in the   Harvard Mental Health Letter on how to integrate positive psychology into more traditional therapy

Cleveland Clinic’s article on depersonalization/derealization disorder

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