We’re going to talk about what I term a “trilogy of trouble” today, or basically how jealousy, envy and possessiveness can sabotage a relationship or commitment. This can happen in personal as well as professional relationships, but we’re mostly focused on personal aspects of the trio of trouble. Jealousy can emerge from fear and it can emerge from resentment. So, how do you tell if it’s justified or completely unjustified? We’ll talk about that and more, such as how you can learn from these feelings if you don’t react to them and act in hurtful ways. In fact, we’re going to hear from fellow psychologist and podcaster  Nick Wignall, another psychologist and podcaster about how the “story” you tell yourself about your feelings can exponentially increase the likelihood of creating more chaos.

The listener voicemail is about forgiveness of someone who’s cut you out of an inheritance – one that sounds as if it could’ve been fairly large. We don’t know a lot of facts, so I’ll answer her question with some guesses, but three general directions she could go to choose to forgive, or not to forgive.

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Important Links

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An article on the psychology of jealousy by Joe Duncan

Excellent research by Mark Attridge on jealousy

Nick Wignall’s website and post on jealousy

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