shutterstock_123568453Today marks 25 turkey celebrations for me and my husband.

I well remember the first.

I had taken him to my hometown to “meet the family”.  They were all a bit nervous since my previous choices of mates had not worked out well.  Both ex-husbands had been musicians, a fact that had been a source of significant teasing.

Nothing against musicians mind you.  I still consider myself a musician.

We were sitting at the dining room table, eating a lovely Thanksgiving meal.  My oldest brother Adam, waiting for a lull in the conversation, cleared his throat.  “Uh Dick, can I ask you something?”

“Of course”.

“Do you play a musical instrument?”.

“No, I don’t even hum well”.

General laughter ensued.  A little at my expense I think, but gently meant.

This holiday will not be fun for everyone.  There will be those who have just separated or divorced.  Who are still out of work.  Who have buried someone they loved.  Whose life is chaotic by their own doing or by someone else’s.

Those that are putting up a front of happiness, while underneath they are scared or miserable.

I remember coming home for holidays.  Before the 25 turkeys mentioned above.  Trying to hide the dysfunction of my life.  Attempting to look much more put together than I really was.

Not fun at all.  And probably not all that effective.

If you have or are struggling with any of these issues, know that you are not alone.  Many of us have been there before you.

Please remember folks that might be having a hard day today.  Give one of them a text or a call.

Your readership is truly a blessing in my life.  Thank you.

Right now?

I need to go baste Number 25.



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