Today we’re going to focus on why we lie to each other, to ourselves and even in therapy. We’ll touch on severe manipulative lying, called pathological lying, and compulsive lying, but most of the episode we’ll discuss plain old lying. I found two wonderful articles on the subject and their links are below. Hopefully understanding the “why” might help you realize that there are other things you could do… and I, as always, suggest what you can do about it.

The listener voicemail for today is from someone who read my blogpost on enmeshment and is looking for some answers. Those of who had cruel or neglectful parents might not at all understand at this man’s plight, He was loved too much??? But whether or not the boundaries of parenting were nonexistent because you got manipulated through abuse, or whether they were nonexistent because you weren’t allowed or supported in building a life away from a parent, the damage can exist either way.

So, in this episode sponsored by Athletic Greens, let’s look at lying and what its function may be – even in therapy.

Important Links:

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Time Magazine’s article on the functions of lying

Article by Dr. Robyn Koslowitz in Psychology Today on lying in therapy

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