What are the Sunday Scaries? it’s the phenomenon that so many experience at the end of the week, or perhaps more importantly, the end of the weekend – and the anticipation of entering the following work week. It’s very real, although it’s a little difficult to specifically define. Because it has lots of ways of being handled, or I guess not handled.. Whether you get angry, go to bed, escape thru alcohol or video gaming – or whether you tough it out – what occurs is what may have been your fleeting or even truly good mood evaporates into thin air – almost every Sunday. Like clockwork. You dread its coming – and you dread your dread. I hear things like, “I get paralyzed by around 3:00 on Sunday. And I can feel my mood darkening for what seems like no reason. Except it’s Sunday.”

So today on SelfWork, sponsored by BetterHelp, we’re going to talk about these Sunday Scaries, how the pandemic has changed them (what I decided should be called the Seven Day Steady Scaries) and as always, what you can do about it.

Here are the basic five tangible tips:

  • Get back into a schedule of work and time-off. Set boundaries between work time and play time.
  • Realize if your actual depression or anxiety is worsening to the point that you need a different mode of treatment.
  • Plan – with flexibility. Don’t put all your happiness into one scenario happening. Develop a Plan B and even Plan C as well.
  • Look for what you can do about a job that’s unsatisfying. You may feel trapped but with some fresh ideas, maybe you’re not.
  • Focus on what your time-off expectations are and how you and your partner can help one another meet those expectations.

The SpeakPipe listener recording today is from a woman who’s scared to transition from the job she’s had for years as a clinical supervisor into private practice – and is asking me for any help I might give. She has to balance her real fear of leaving with the reality of burnout. So, what would you say?

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