Jenny Lawson, known as The Bloggess, has literally thousands who follow her. She’s also a mom, a wife, and luckily for us, an author. Broken (in the best possible way) is her newest book. In all her books, she’s more than open about her struggles with chronic mental illness, including severe social anxiety and chronic debilitating depression. So debilitating that for months she’s often dysfunctional.

Yet as she writes, Jenny makes you laugh until you don’t think you can laugh anymore, as she describes her persistent battles with insurance, with her autoimmune disorders – with destructive side effects of medicine… wacky things that go on between herself and her husband – and these embarrassing side stories of what her life is actually like. Her memory’s shot. She loses crap all the time. She has a fascination with weird animal creatures. And the graphic on the front of the book says it all, as every day she hauls around her illness like a huge horned animal, always present and never on the back burner. But she’s also very quick to say that she’s grown from having them. And she wants you to know, in a very genuine and warm-hearted way, that you are far from alone if you do the same.

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Important Links:

You can find all her books on her website! Broken publishes on April 5, 2021 but you can pre-order it today!

If you want to join her book club, Fantastic Strangelings, you can go to her bookstore, Nowhere Bookshop!

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