It’s Women’s History Month! And I’m excited to announce that SelfWork has a new sponsor –  Premium Jane. You can visit them at and use coupon code SelfWork to get 20% off your purchase! More to come!

Today we’ll talk about women who’ve been important crusaders for mental health awareness, both present-day celebrities and historically important female voices, Their brave words and actions, as well as the research statistics that demonstrate women’s social reality, help all of us see just how much women still have to face. We’ll focus on why women seem more vulnerable to certain mental illness and of course, what positive mental and emotional traits do women have that are more unique to them.

The listener email for today is from an early 30’s young woman who feels very enmeshed with her parents, who’ve built a reality for her that the world is a scary place – and haven’t supported her to live independently from them. It’s called enmeshment and it’s a complex issue, as well as hard to identify and change.

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