We’re killing two birds with one stone on this episode of SelfWork, one again sponsored by BetterHelp. I talk about a recent Ted Radio Hour interview I heard with A.J. Jacobs. He’s the author of the recent new book Thanks A Thousand. He did a fascinating and arduous life study of how to make himself happier – and wondered if expressing gratitude would get him there. What did he do? He chased down everyone that even had a minuscule amount of responsibility for providing his morning cup of coffee – and thanked them.

He was using – whether he knew it or not – the “as if” method that can be very effective in therapy to move toward changing your behavior. You basically make choices “as if” you already had the trait you’re trying to learn – or try on for size. You act “as if” you believed in yourself. You act “as if” you’re relaxed or not anxious. And lo and behold, your actions lead you to feel like you do believe in yourself or you’re not so anxious. It’s a matter of focus.

The listener email this week is from a woman who states concern over someone whose lost a parent that they were enmeshed with, but have never recognized the enmeshment. And now that parent is gone. How can she help and what can she expect?

Important Links:

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