Today in this episode sponsored by BetterHelp, we’re talking about hypnosis. Not only will I try to debunk the various myths there are out there about it, but help you understand exactly how it can work. I’ve been hypnotized several times myself and I’ll explain what I experienced.  I’ve also been trained in hypnosis so I can explain what it’s like to actually do hypnosis; what you’re watching for in the client, how you set the process up for the most success. I’ll draw heavily on the work of Michael Yapko, whose trainings I’ve attended and who’s an international expert on hypnosis and its effectiveness with depression. It’s truly a fascinating experience – both to use it in therapy and to participate in it. And I’ll include the most dramatic example I’ve had thus far in my practice of it helping my client tremendously with PTSD.

Our listener email today is from a woman who’s talking about something we touched on in last week’s episode about sexual abuse; that one of the lingering issues can be the strong association of sex with danger or dominance or even pain. Just how do you break that kind of connection so that normal healthy sexual intimacy can be enjoyed?

Important Links:

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Wikipedia description of hypnosis

Dr. Michael Yapko’s definition and explanation of hypnosis

Harvard’s brain scanning research using the brains of 57 people during guided hypnosis.

Article on the myths of hypnosis

A great article by  psychiatrist Dr. Aaron Kheriaty explaining the mind/body connection in BDSM.

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

A wonderful summary of Dr. Van Der Kolk’s book

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