Whether or not you believe that dreams have meaning (and almost half of Americans think that’s true…), you probably have had many types of dreams. Today, in another episode sponsored by BetterHelp, we’re going to talk about the diverse categories of dreams  – and then the proposed “meaning” of those very dreams. We’ll look into what can bring nightmares on as well as the most recent research on what’s termed “lucid dreaming.” Early psychiatrists certainly believed and espoused that dreams had unconscious meanings – that they are created by the part of our mind that lives in the background of our consciousness but influences and guides us. So today we’ll talk about nine categories of dreams and then travel into the land of what dreams may mean.. maybe for fun or maybe, for those of you who have a strong relationship with your dreams, to employ them for healing.

Our listener email today is from a young woman who’s suffered multiple traumas in her life… sexual abuse and her mother’s dying right in front of her.. Terrible things. And she wonders how to heal.. and if she can have hope..

Importants Links: We have a lot of them today!

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A Psychology Today article on dreaming

Book by Preston Ni.. and referenced article 

Quote from Dr. Kelly Bulkeley

Information about the cause of nightmares on WebMD

YouTube video on dreaming

What dreams may mean  article in VeryWell Mind

Very recent research at MIT on lucid dreaming

C-PTSD information on VeryWell Mind

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