Here’s our last Second Time Around until we’re back in the saddle in a few days! And we’re so looking forward to what’s ahead in 2022!

What’s a trauma bond? How does it form? Why is it important for that dynamic to have its own label or name? Trauma bonding happens when trust is highly manipulated; when commitment and trying to make a relationship work is used against someone as a way to keep them in denial or disbelief that a relationship is harmful to them. I’ve been there. I still have never revealed all that happened in that relationship; so much of it is now such clear abuse, I’m flabbergasted I didn’t see it for what it was. But I didn’t. Until I did.

Our listener email for today is from someone who wants some answers about enmeshment and what she terms “covert narcissism” – It sounds like she’s the daughter and feels enmeshed or has been told perhaps she’s enmeshed with him. It’s very much like our topic so I thought it meshed well with the topic.

So please get comfortable and listen in to what may be a triggering episode for some of you – so listen carefully and protectively. And my gratitude to our sponsor today – BetterHelp!

Important Links:

BetterHelp, the #1 online therapy provider, has a special offer for you now!

John Kim, aka The Angry Therapist provides an article on trauma bonding

A BBC article on Stockholm syndrome

An  article in VeryWellMind.discusses features of covert narcissism

Wikipedia article on trauma bonds

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