How do you set up a situation where you can safely talk about something painful from your past? Today’s episode was sparked by a listener telling me that she’d been sexually abused, and is now dissociating during sex with her very loving husband. He’s aware of her history, but hasn’t a clue about what she’s truly experiencing. How could she open up to him? I’ll be going over seven steps to that will help to create as much safety as possible for that emotional conversation.

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The listener email is from a woman who’s identified with perfectly hidden depression, but is quite concerned about finding a therapist that will maintain her confidentiality.

Important Links mentioned in the episode:

Special offer for 10% off/BetterHelp

RAINN’s sexual abuse crisis line

Episode 007 on the pros and cons of telling about sexual abuse

The Body Keeps the Score: Bessel Van Der Kolk

Courage to Heal Workbook by Laura Davis

Courage to Heal Workbook for Partners called Allies for Healing

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My new book entitled Perfectly Hidden Depression has arrived and you can order here! Its message is specifically for those with a struggle with strong perfectionism which acts to mask underlying emotional pain. But the many self-help techniques described can be used by everyone who chooses to begin to address emotions long hidden away that are clouding and sabotaging your current life.

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