Do you sabotage relationships that have potential? Are you risk averse? Do you commit too quickly or are you passively going along with the relationship continuing? Today we’re talking about several ways you can sabotage a relationship’s potential or you can end in a relationship that’s simply not healthy. As this podcast is being recorded when so many of us are staying home with family, we’re enjoying the strengths of the relationships we’ve built – but also perhaps bearing up under the brunt of ones that aren’t what we’d hoped they would be. Or you’re home alone, wondering why certain relationships “never worked.”

The listener email today is one that is very timely – and we’re going to spend a good bit of time on it — what you’re seeing in your relationships on lockdown. It’s from one woman who isn’t able to escape how there’s no sense of partnership or even enjoyment of being together.. and she’s therefore lonelier than ever. She wrote me back after this episode was recorded and told me that the podcast on apathy was actually very helpful to her.

Important Links:

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