1. Can’t wait to hear what the latter half brings you Tam! You are doing great things with your own blog (Check Tam out if you can!) Thanks for writing.
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  1. I loved a lot of these Margaret – I haven’t had to deal with many deaths yet, but I know they will come. I definitely appreciate the little things and I am especially aware of how important my husband, family and friends are. Great post 🙂

  2. My fifties…wow! It was finding out the light at the end of the tunnel was a train and it hit hard and fast. Too much to cover in a paragraph but ALL the trauma came flooding in and ripped me apart. The family sexual trauma issues…my own sexual trauma issues…living with undiagnosed ADHD for 60 years – which is part of the childhood trauma issues (physical violence as well as mental abuse.) The length my family kept the sexual abuses quiet (well…they all died with no one EVER saying a thing…) and just how many children in all the families were involved…it’s too late for many of them but some how I get a reprieve and get to go into my senior years tanked up from learning why my life sucked for 60 years…and the word suck doesn’t even come close. AND – I am getting help. Thought it was just depression/anxiety. Thought I WAS insane multiple times…they used to call it manic/depressive…thought that was it…but oh these past three years have been enlightening, sad…AND I am getting help. I am getting help…and it was not my fault. Damn…
    I cannot appreciate what ‘normal’ life would have been like. I’ve spent too many years locked up in my own mental prisons from what happened to me as a boy. But I’m not going gentle into that dark night…thanks for your site and I do look forward to my next ten!

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