Father hunger… when your dad isn’t or wasn’t available or connected with you either due to divorce, death or disinterest — causes many problems for a child and the family as a whole. But the numbers are staggering of how many homes are without dads. There are so many engaged dads out there, but when they’re not, the impact is staggering. I’ll offer what research statistics show and go into the specifics of the problems. And like other episodes, we’ll go into how you can heal, or “what you can do about it” — what you can do if your biological father isn’t or wasn’t a part of your life. This episode was requested from a listener and I thought it was a much needed topic to discuss. Fathers may not know just how important they are.

The listener email: Is from a guy who’s in a committed relationship with a partner who’s out-of-state and increasingly depressed – while trying to keep focused on his own career, yet struggling with worry.

Important Links:

Beginnings of the term “father hunger” 

Epigenetics research on what dad passes on through his sperm

Research on father absence

Dr. Jed Diamond’s website Men Alive

Book Fatherless Daughters

Books I Don’t Want To Talk About It and Daring Greatly

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