Disappointment is hard to hear, and sometimes hard to reveal, but it’s also inevitable in a relationship. Whether it’s a one-time event or there’s a pattern that’s been established, there’s a way to work them out. But it takes emotional maturity and realizing that each time you work through a disappointment together, you build trust.

There are major disappointments that can so rock a relationship that it ends, or has to have a real overhaul. And then there are those minor ones that lead to regular irritation or frustration. We’ll talk about how to handle both and a process that can only lend security to your relationship.

Our listener email today is an interesting one for sure. It’s from a listener who separated themselves from a very painful family situation, and was then hit by an anxiety that they couldn’t understand or fathom.

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John and Julie Gottman’s incredible research on what can bring a relationship to its knees.

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