Do you dread the leaves turning color? Did you have a loss during this year that you’re still grieving and the thought of raising a glass to another year makes you sick to your stomach? Are you looking back at last year and berating yourself for pounds not lost, goals not accomplished? Or are you so perfectionistic, that this season is sabotaged by having more things to do, more perfect packages to wrap, perfect meals to prepare, perfect outfits for the kids, perfect deadlines met no matter what your workload?

In Episode 101, we’re discussing the pain of seasonal depression, the pain of grief, the pain of shame, and the pain of perfectionism — all of which can intensely increase during the holidays.

Our listener email today is from a woman who’s divorcing her narcissistic husband, but worries about not being able to protect her young children from his manipulations, like gaslighting.

Important links: Episode 49 talked about balancing grief with honoring holiday rituals.

My post on the deaths of my parents right before the holidays in 2017.

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