Today is a huge celebration with the 100th Episode of SelfWork! You are the reason that SelfWork is going strong. You’re writing in questions. You’re letting friends and family know that SelfWork is helping you. You’re leaving ratings and reviews. I cannot be grateful enough for all the support, encouragement and caring that have come my way. You keep me excited to offer what I hope are motivating ideas, to seek out meaningful and exciting interview subjects, and to provide enrichment and a deepening of your understanding of your own life and of your relationships with others. I continue to be honored by your participation.

And today is all about you! I’m answering six of your emails and the questions are quite varied. The topics are: How to stop using the childhood strategies you created; What you can do about the severe effect being a parent can have on anxiety; One woman’s journey with Perfectly Hidden Depression and what led to her to break down and get help; How to cope with the emotional toll of infertility; A question about how a couple can handle alcoholism, AA and Alanon, and last; One woman’s struggle with overeating and shame. She asks, “Why can’t I stop?”

So welcome to Episode 100! And there will be more to come!

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