SelfWork’s 100th episode is coming up! And I’m celebrating by welcoming more of your questions — so ask away and we’ll focus #100 on you!

Today’s SelfWork is about bitterness, an emotion where both anger and hatred reside. People who are swallowed up in it can certainly have been hurt or scarred in some way. But their choice is to live behind a wall of bitterness — and live there day after day. Their pain can eat them up but it can have a cruel impact on all around them. Sometimes we struggle to stand up to that kind of intensity when in a bitter person’s presence. We’re going to talk about how bitterness can look — everything from gender bashing to stereotyping – and include one amazing story of a man who chose forgiveness – and the impact it had on his life and others.

The listener email for today is from someone who wants to talk with her therapist about Perfectly Hidden Depression but is unclear how to do it.

Important links:

An article about  the pressure to conform.

An amazing story about a bicyclist who chose forgiveness.

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