It’s a huge risk to reveal sexual abuse. A second betrayal occurs when you say “MeToo” and you’re not believed, it’s ignored or somehow you’re hurt all over again. Fearing this is what keeps many people from revealing what happened either years ago or in this very moment. Here are real people’s stories about what happened when they revealed and how to cope if you are once again betrayed, or if you are believed, how you and your family can begin healing. Even if you’ve never been sexually abused, one of these days someone may tell of their own abuse — and hopefully this episode will help you listen kindly and well.

The listener email for today is from someone who has been able to identify the old childhood strategies she used to emotionally survive but wants to know how to begin to change them into more adult versions of themselves.

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The Courage to Heal Sexual Abuse Workbook

The National Sexual Abuse Hotline is available 24 hours a day. Please call if you need help.

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