We all know that advertising always makes things look better than they actually are. What happens however when you’re on social media – Facebook or Instagram? Is it fun for you or do you get depressed? Do you believe everything you see?

We’re talking today about how to have fun and enjoy the benefits of social media without it leading you into feelings of insecurity — and even depression. How do you make sure you continue appreciating your own life for what it is? And maybe even social media motivating you in a positive way? Here are five pragmatic suggestions — my focus, as always, on “what you can do about it.” In Episode 26, the focus was on teens and social media. But they’re not the only age group with a problem.

The listener email today is from a woman who suddenly became aware of being single when her roommate began dating. She’s asking how to talk with her friend about her complicated feelings — being happy for him but struggling with her own insecurities.

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