Bipolar disorder is a mental illness many people don’t understand and can be difficult to diagnose. Being moody is one thing. But being bipolar means your emotions can swing from high to low, with no apparent (and that’s an important word) reason for them doing so. Discovering how to manage bipolar is key to living well with it. In this episode sponsored by, we’ll talk about what bipolar is and what it isn’t.

The listener email today is about online therapy — is it enough support for serious mental health issues? How do you know if it’s working or it’s not?

Important links:

Link for your free trial offer!

Movies that are actually accurate depictions of bipolar disorder.

My post in the Huffington Post on bipolar disorder — It’s not  another word for just darn unpleasant. And shouldn’t be used for such.

Audible link for “An Unquiet Mind” — the recommended book for today!

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