Talking matters! Exciting research now shows that when mentally ill people share openly about their mental illness, it changes others’ perceptions. Today’s two guests on SelfWork are doing incredible and thrilling work to prove that when people talk about their own disorders, it changes the hearts and minds of others, decreasing stigma and a previously negative view of recovery. Jennifer Marshall co-founded the non-profit organization, This Is My Brave, and since 2014, she’s provided a forum for those with mental illness to share their journeys with the general public. She and her research partner, Dr. Kristin Kosyluk, have completed a large study, proving that these changes do occur, and aren’t built on only hope or hearsay. Jennifer’s own public story began when she stopped writing anonymously about her bipolar disorder on her blog, and began instead becoming a national figure for openness about mental health. I’m honored to have both of these women on Episode 083 of SelfWork.

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