Welcome to SelfWork! I’m talking about self-control today… especially emotional self-control. We won’t touch on addictions, although they obviously have to do with emotional self-control. We’re talking about in the realm of communication how to maintain self-control when you’re angry, or taken aback, afraid or surprised. There’s a simple mantra that can be helpful — “respond don’t react,” but I’ll also talk about how your values are underneath how you choose to respond, and include three steps toward creating more self-control for you, and can certainly lead to healthier communication between you and those you love.

The email from a listener today is about Perfectly Hidden Depression, a topic that I’m passionate about. (You can find episodes on PHD beginning with Episodes 3 and 4 and interspersed throughout.) Today a listener had been told that she couldn’t be truly suicidal if she didn’t have the classic symptoms of depression. I’ll help her see through that feedback.

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The National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

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