We all hear about unconditional love, especially when talking about how parents feel about their children. However, unconditional love can be worn out — used up. Even though today’s podcast focuses on healthy, “good enough” parents and self-destructive and manipulative children, you can apply this to any relationship, so listen in!  (This dynamic can obviously be reversed, where parents do a poor job of providing safety and nurturance for their kids…) What are the things that use up a parent’s love? What are the things parents can do and how can they save their own relationship, when it’s threatened by differences about how to respond  — when there often is no magic answer.

The listener email today is about taking psychotropic meds. Is it necessary to continue to take medication for years? I’m a psychologist, not a medical doctor, but I’ll respond using my own clinical experience. Always consult your medical provider concerning medication issues.

Important links:

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