Couples counseling can make individual counseling look like a breeze. In today’s podcast, sponsored by, I’ll go through the four misconceptions or “hurdles” that people believe or face when they consider couples work. The benefits can be immense. You can learn how to really listen, how to change entrenched painful patterns, and how the family you grew up in, and your role within it, might be affecting how you’re acting in your current relationship. The fact that your partner is doing the work, right along with you? It can build trust and a sense of togetherness, as both take responsibility for their own part in the relationships’ success, and in it’s struggles. But you have to get past these four hurdles!

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The listener email today is about how to show compassion for a friend who has a family member that’s pulling away from them.

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Based on a blogpost, originally published on The Gottman Blog.