As promised, today’s episode is about peeling off the mask of Perfectly Hidden Depression (PHD). Thousands of you have listened to the episodes on PHD, and I’d love to hear from you personally. Email me confidentially so I can learn more from you!  This episode covers basic steps of change, with specific examples and directions for those suffering with PHD, and how to handle the fear of change.

If you wonder where you might fit on the PHD spectrum, please take this questionnaire. 

Today’s email from a listener discusses what can happen when your partner says they love you but are not “in love” with you. What can you do if you want to try to mend and repair the relationship?

Important links:

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Recent research on the links between perfectionism, low self-esteem and suicide:

Book by Gordon Flett, a lead researcher of perfectionism

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The book, “Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay.”

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