“Codependent” is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days to describe relationships. But what exactly defines a codependent relationship, and how do you know if you’re part of one? Using examples from real couples, I’ll answer that question, as well as offering you some questions to ask yourself if you’re the “enabled” or the “enabler.”

The email from a listener today is describing his relationship with his boyfriend deteriorating at about the seven year mark. So we’ll discuss whether or not the “seven year itch” actually happens, and again, what can you do about it!

Important Links:

There are some excellent books on the topic. Codependent No More is a classic. Women Who Love Too Much is also very good. Codependency For Dummies is another.

AA is there for the substance abuser. Al-Anon is an excellent resource for enablers. CoDA (Codependents Anonymous) is another supportive and teaching organization.

Linda Esposito’s article in Psychology Today

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