For many women, being thin is worshipped like no other physical attribute. Not your hair, not your muscles, not your voice. The greatest compliment a woman can hear (at least according to some)? “You look like you’ve lost weight…”.

For girls or women with anorexia, staying thin becomes an addictive compulsion. Every waking minute they’re thinking about what they will eat, or what they won’t eat. Sidestepping concerned friends or family, avoiding questions about their vanishing body — a body that they constantly evaluate and distort its reality. Scheming about how they can stay in ultimate control of their weight, thereby proving their own worth.

In today’s podcast, I’ll share with you the story of a very courageous woman who came forward, wanting to talk about her lifelong battle with anorexia — a battle that, at the age of 61, she’s still fighting. Her truthfulness is her winning at least a part of that battle.

The listener email for this week is about parenting, and coping with regret or shame over mistakes that you either made, or are making, and what to do about it.