Could you be functioning well -in fact “perfectly” in many ways — and underneath it all, be hiding pain, loneliness or even suicidal thoughts? Dr. Margaret’s term for this is Perfectly Hidden Depression (PHD), a syndrome of behaviors that can lead to a way-too-manicured persona out there for the public to see, while below the surface lies depression. She answers the question,  “If I can act okay, am I really depressed?”, and compares PHD with the Myers Briggs personality profile of an INFJ.

The listener email is from a man who identifies with PHD in his youth, and now is battling more classic depression.

Important links:

Link to different personality assessment tools

The Myers Briggs Personality Inventory.

Note: If interested in taking the Myers Briggs, please know that there is a fee attached. Dr. Rutherford has not received any financial reimbursement for this post.



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My new book entitled Perfectly Hidden Depression will be arriving November 1, 2019! Its message is specifically for those with a struggle with strong perfectionism which acts to mask underlying emotional pain. But the self-help techniques described can be used by everyone who chooses to begin to address emotions long hidden away that are clouding and sabotaging your current life. More to come.









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