The rate of suicide is increasing dramatically in the United States as well as internationally, both in teenagers and in midlife. As this is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in the US, Dr. Margaret discusses this cultural shift, quoting the fascinating work of prominent researcher Jean Twenge who reports a relationship between the emergence of the iPhone and depression. But what can you do if your child or someone you love becomes addicted to their cell phone? Of if you do? Dr. Margaret shares six ideas of how to monitor and corral its use, both in your children and in yourself. And she relates an extremely poignant metaphor for healing after suicide, relayed to her by one of her patients. The listener email today highlights what can happen when we make the decision to be honest about who we really are — what we cope with on a daily basis.

Important links:

Suicide Prevention Hotline Number 1-800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Website

Article in The Atlantic by Jean Twenge on the rising rate of suicide in teens

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