Today’s podcast is a little unusual. Dr. Margaret’s telling a bit of her own love story with the man she married almost 28 years ago. She wrote a post about their marriage in 2014 that went viral on The Huffington Post, which she’s going to share with you, along with a few back stories of why these particular ideas came to her mind at that time.

Incredible photographers Christine Mathias and Deborah Payne Strauss generously offered their gorgeous and evocative photographs to create what is now available as the book, “Marriage Is Not For Chickens.”

Her listener email asks questions about crippling anxiety, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and panic disorder — what treatment modalities might be used, other than cognitive-behavior techniques?

Important links:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder symptoms. 

Panic Disorder symptoms

My first podcast on Perfectly Hidden Depression. 

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