“My mother was many things — lovely, talented, and she had a prescription drug addiction.” This is the very personal story of Dr. Margaret’s own mom, how anxiety and addiction affected her life and the lives of those who loved her. She had what would now be called Generalized Anxiety Disorder and obsessive-compulsive traits, and had been prescribed heavily sedating drugs at a young age. She, like many others in our culture today, didn’t realize the effects of the pills she was taking. A New York times recent article not only focuses on the prevalence of anxiety in our culture, featuring examples such as New Yorker’s Sarah Fader’s viral hashtag, #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike, but warns about the danger of our current solution – medication. Dr. Margaret’s mom quietly whispered to her, “I wish I’d known what they were doing to me.”  If you or someone you love is addicted, there are things you can do to stop.

Dr. Margaret also answers an email from a listener about how to make decisions concerning being a stay-at-home mom or a working for a salary mom. She focuses on the process of decision-making and offers a strategy you can use for any future situation.

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