13 Reasons Why, the explosively haunting Netflix series focusing on teenagers, is giving our culture a message. It’s about bullying, drug and alcohol use, sexual assault, anxiety and alienation caused by the cruel use of social media, depression and suicide. Not that only parents of teens should listen to this podcast! Dr. Margaret points out that these things can be a part of anyone’s descent into depression.

She talks about her own reactions to the series, as well as the reactions of others, and offers “what you can do about it,” if you fear your teen is facing a dive into depression. Yet she also underlines that parents need to realize the limitations of their own perspective on teen life — your reality and your teen’s can be vastly different — and gives pragmatic examples. New statistics on the rise of depression in teens must get our attention, and 13 Reasons Why helps explain the risk factors involved. She also quotes Dr. Michael Yapko’s work on how depression can be learned in families.

As always, Dr. Margaret answers a listener email! This one describes a relationship where there is a paralyzing pattern of distrust, arguing, withdrawal and drama. Dr. Margaret offers ways to try to calm things down, both emotionally and pragmatically.

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