Any time you can claim intention, it’s empowering. Letting go of children and avoiding the depression that can come from “empty nest?” You can decide to handle that transition with intentionality as well. Dr. Margaret offer specific ideas and references to help you do just that — and the process starts way before your children are actually leaving home. Plus she answers a listener email who asks about the difference between what’s termed “dysthymia,” or chronic mild depression, and what Dr. Margaret calls Perfectly Hidden Depression.

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Here are the important links mentioned in the podcast!

Dr. Margaret’s first post on empty nest, or NestAche.

Two other relevant posts on letting go:Mom, you know I’m not coming home spring break. and parenting a college grad.

Wonderful support websites for empty nest. Empty House Full Mind and Grown and Flown.

Melissa Schultz’ book: From Mom To Me Again

Lindsay Holmes’ article on dysthymia