You may not believe you experience FOMO, the recent acronym for the “fear of missing out.” But wait until you hear actual quotes from people who do, and you may hear yourself! Here’s one: “I can see from her SnapChat that she went out with all of our friends. I ended the friendship with her, but I still feel left out.”  FOMO is referring to the fear that something important or special is happening and you’re being left out of it — or you don’t know about it. It can lead to worry and rumination, and even physical symptoms of anxiety, like heart racing and sweating. So
cial media’s been huge in fueling FOMO’s fire, but turning it off isn’t the only solution. Dr. Margaret offers five different ways of reining FOMO in, before it sabotages the joy of living your own life.

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The  well-researched article by JWTIntelligence offering fascinating quotes and research

The study on Psychology Today out of Ireland

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