Eating disorders and body image problems are rampant in our culture, with good reason. We are pummeled with images of the “acceptable” body, which is much younger, fitter, and probably photo-shopped. Dr. Margaret is talking today about the different kinds of eating disorders, her own history with anorexia and three non-scale things you can begin today to achieve body acceptance. And it all began with a listener email! The final response to a listener email touches on having an emotionally unstable adoptive mom (likely someone with borderline personality disorder) and how anger issues could be connected to her very unhappy childhood.

Here are three things that are important in body acceptance:

  • Stop shaming yourself.
  • Give yourself encouragement in becoming who you want to be.
  • Get connected and risk being visible.

These things aren’t easy. But there are ideas included that will help.

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An important link mentioned in the podcast:

A great article on obesity and why it’s not considered a diagnosis from Psychology Today.

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