What do Bruce Springsteen (The Boss), Jay Guillermo (collegiate football player), Kid Cude (rapper) and Princess Diana (not the Disney kind) all have in common? They’ve suffered with chronic mental illness, revealed it, and talked openly about it. Prejudice against mental illness is alive and well, but we can all fight it, both within ourselves, and within our culture. But how?

In this podcast, Dr. Margaret discusses the overt and covert ways people express this prejudice, how it’s more likely to occur with mental illness that’s chronic, and quotes the people above who’ve fought or are fighting their way through depression, drug abuse, and other emotional and addictive problems. They are showing courage and brutal honesty about their fight, and coping with the stigma involved. She also puts in her two cents on what fuels stigma – and the clue here is fear. Lastly, she answers a listener who needs help in talking with a closed-off and judgmental family about being in therapy, and her diagnoses of depression and anxiety.

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Here are important links that Dr. Margaret mentions in the podcast!

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Jay Guillermo’s story: His battle with suicidal depression and alcoholism.

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Kerry Washington interview on going to therapy in Glamour magazine.

Princess Diana’s interview with the BBC.

Prince William’s recent impassioned speech on confronting the silence about mental illness.

Vanity Fair interview with Bruce Springsteen.


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