Abusive relationships, whether the abuse is emotional, physical or sexual, can be extremely difficult to leave. Yet many people will shrug their shoulders, saying, “If someone treated me like that, I’d be out the door.” What is that old saying? “Walk a mile in my shoes….”. This podcast is all about the complication of abusive relationships, and includes an exercise meant to increase your compassion and empathy toward victims of any kind of abuse. Dr. Margaret’s own understanding of abuse comes from personal experience, as well as work with countless others who’ve been hurt.

Also included is her response to a recent email about how to go about finding a therapist, with some specific sources and suggestions of how to approach the topic.

Here are the links mentioned:

The story (or part of it) of Dr. Margaret’s experience with abuse. Click here.

Good information on exit plans. Click here.

The 2013 Huffington Post article on domestic violence statistics. HuffPost 2013 article.

For women: How to find shelters in your area. Click here.

A hotline for women and men: Click here.

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