1. It is a very good and important message. After my father died when I was 15 I married a much older, alcoholic man who became abusive. I stayed for several years because I felt that I deserved the treatment and that nobody else would ever want me. He made me think that. It wasn’t until I had my son and he got drunk and pointed a gun at me while I was holding my 3 month old son at the time and shot. It missed my head by inches. All because I had a fender bender with the car that wasn’t even my fault. That was it. I left and never went back. He ended up hitting me with a car and breaking my arm and hip. I still didn’t go to the police, but I didn’t go back. It wasn’t until I met my husband now (of 26 years) that I started healing. Everyday he shows that he loves me and that I am well worth it.

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