Gratitude is a wonderful thing, right? It definitely is when it’s demonstrated and expressed in relationships, whether they be an intimate one, a good friend, or even perhaps with perfect strangers. But can it be a problem? Today we’ll be talking about the importance of gratitude in partnerships, especially when there are children involved. Two adults are appreciative of one another, and feed each other, when children are being children, and taking.

We’ll also discuss what can happen when someone is grieving or depressed and unable to express gratitude, or when someone hides pain through staying intensely busy, what I term Perfectly Hidden Depression (Check out Episode 003 and 004!).  Sometimes their gratitude is on steroids.

Our email from a listener today asks the question, “What if your partner is in therapy, but you believe the advice their getting is harming or even ending the relationship? What can you do?” You can listen to my answer, as we explore the different aspects of this question. It was a great one.

Only one link today: A book written recently on the history of gratitude. Pretty interesting!

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